Combined Emergency Light Battery Which lamps and lanterns to match

Type of LED fixture

There are different types of LED lights available in the market like LED tubes, LED panels, LED downlights, or LED strips. These LEDs are also available in two broad categories- from indoor LED to outdoor.

Each LED type has its specific requirements in terms of input and output voltage, internal or external driver, and the type of current to illuminate the luminary.

Depending on the nature of the LED that is being used, an appropriate LED Emergency driver should be selected. For example, if the LED is to be installed in subzero temperature, a driver that functions in such surroundings should be chosen.

Apart from that climate and weather conditions, the size of the LED fixture should be considered when selecting an LED emergency driver.

Discuss your LED lamps’ physical dimension requirements with your LED emergency driver provider beforehand to ensure that you have a smooth experience in installing them.