50W-150W Emergency Light Battery Backup Kits KVD188D -EM150

KVD188D -EM150 50W-150W Emergency Light Battery Backup Kits

The CE ROHS certified Rechargeable LED Emergency Light conversion box can be easily installed on the LED Tube light and converted into emergency lighting fixtures.

Each LED lighting emergency module is consist of an emergency driver and battery power, and sometimes there is needed an extra box container outside.

The LED Emergency power supply kit is fit for LED T5 Tube, LED T8 Tube Light, LED Corn lamp light, LED bulb light, LED Spotlight, and LED fluorescent light.

KVD188D 50w-150w LED Emergency Light Battery Pack Power Supply – 188D model is 100% output power emergency solution for LED Tube which output power at 50-150w. The emergency power is the same with the lighting power when main failures.

With the box container outside, you can put the emergency driver, LED light driver and battery pack all in the box.

50W-150w LED emergency driver battery backup Kit specifications:
1. Emergency Power : 50W-150W
2. Lighting fixture Power: 50W-150W
3. Conversion Efficiency: ≥95%
4. Battery Type: Li-ion battery
5. Emergency duration time: can be customized based on your needs
6. Input Voltage: AC100-277V
7. Output Voltage: DC180-277V
8. Charging Time: 24 hours
9. Working Lifetime(Hour)30000
10. 2 years warranty.
11. Best quality and factory price

LED emergency driver Features

  • Built-in rechargeable battery backup power kit inside the box,  neat looking and convenient for using.
  • Outside iron material can protect your LED emergency driver and battery pack well.
  • 100% constant power.
  • Automatically turns on LED lightnings when there is a main power failure.
  • The led emergency driver battery backup with over charge and discharge protection, output short protection, overload protection,over temperature protection
  • With indicator: Green=Main Circuit, Red=Charging.
  • Each led emergency driver are passed 100% full power load aging test, CE RoSH certified.

Working Environment Attention

Working & storage temperature: -10℃–+45℃(Standard temperature 28℃)
To ensure a longer lifetime, LED emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.
If stored longer than 3 months in warehouse, emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.
Our emergency batteries can be charged/discharged 500 cycles if used in a right way.
Please make sure wire connection is correct before switch on for long time usage.