High Quality LED Emergency Lighting Battery Backup Inverter

KVD188B-EM08 10W-70W LED emergnecy battery backup kit for LED lighting fixture with external driver

This CE ROHS certified LED emergency conversion kit has the LED emergency driver and li-ion battery all inside the ABS box, it is convenient and safe for using.

Output Voltage 20-85V, Support non-isolated Driver Lighting Products

Each LED lighting emergency module is consist of emergency driver and a battery power, and sometimes there is a extra box container outside.

This is a energy-saving solution for LED emergency battery backup solution for LED Emergency Light with external driver, but LED Tube can only use 100% full power led emergency driver. If you are looking for LED Emergency Driver Power kit for LED light, please click here

10W-70w LED LED Emergency Lighting Battery Kit specifications:
1. Emergency Power : 4W 6W 8W
2. Lighting fixture Power: 10W-70w
3. Conversion Efficiency: ≥95%
4. Battery Type: 2 pcs Li-ion battery inside
5. Emergency duration time: 1.5 hour with 2000 mAh Li-ion battery or 3 hours with 3000 mAh Li-ion battery
6. Input Voltage: AC100-277V
7. Output Voltage: DC20V-80V
8. Charging Time: 24 hours
9. Product Weight: 2000mAh Li-ion battery-230g   3000mAh Li-ion battery-250g
10. Working Lifetime(Hour)30000
11. 2 years warranty.
12. Best quality and factory price

LED LED Emergency Lighting Battery Advantages:,
Lighting emergency products
Simple wiring connection and easy installation
Installed outside of the luminaire
Easy maintenance, quick accessories replacement
Apply to dimmable lighting products
Seasonal self-testing
Battery has charging and discharging protection
Elegant plastic housing, comply high-pot 4000V, gold wire test.
Comply international transportation condition and requirements
Aluminum construction, save transportation costing
Automatically turns on LED lighting when there is a main power failure.

Working Environment Attention

Working & storage temperature: -10℃–+45℃(Standard temperature 28℃)
To ensure a longer lifetime, LED emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.
If stored longer than 3 months in warehouse, emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.
Our emergency batteries can be charged/discharged 500 cycles if used in a right way.
Please make sure wire connection is correct before switch on for long time usage.