Led Light Emergency Battery KVD188B battery-powered 10w led emergency driver kits

KVD188B 10W-100W LED Light emergency battery backup kit for an LED lighting fixture with the external driver in a cost-effective way.

This CE CE ROHS certified LED emergency conversion kit is consist of an emergency driver and battery power, which is convenient and safe to use.

Suitable for interior installation of lamps,

The LED Emergency driver kit is fit for LED panel light, LED high bay light, LED mining light, LED downlight, LED flood light, LED Ceiling Light, and tri-proof light, LED Wall Lamp, LED Explosion-Proof Lig

This is an energy-saving solution of LED emergency battery backup for LED Emergency Light with external driver, and also for all dimmable lighting products can apply with emergency power down function, as well as Led light, If you are looking for Tri-proof Light for LED Emergency Driver .

10W-100w LED Light emergency battery backup Kit specifications:
1. Emergency Power : 3W 5W 6W 8W 10W 12W 15W options
2. Lighting fixture Power: 10W-100w
3. Conversion Efficiency: ≥95%
4. Battery Type: LiFeP04 Battery Pack
5. Emergency duration time: 1.5 hours or 3 hours
6. Input Voltage: AC220-240V
7. Output Voltage: DC20-85V
8. Charging Time: 24 hours
9. Product Weight:300g-500g
10. Working Lifetime(Hour)30000
11. 5 years warranty,Two-year battery warranty
12. Best quality and factory price

Led Light Emergency Battery Advantages:,
Lighting emergency products
Simple wiring connection and easy installation
Installed outside of the luminaire
Easy maintenance, quick accessories replacement
Apply to dimmable lighting products
Seasonal self-testing
Battery has charging and discharging protection
Aluminum housing with waterproof plug, comply EMC, FCC,
ctick ordinances, upgraded IP standard. longer lifespan
Comply international transportation condition and requirements
Automatically turns on LED lighting when there is a main power failure.

Working Environment Attention

Working & storage temperature: -10℃–+45℃(Standard temperature 28℃)
To ensure a longer lifetime, LED emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.
If stored longer than 3 months in warehouse, emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.
Our emergency batteries can be charged/discharged 500 cycles if used in a right way.
Please make sure wire connection is correct before switch on for long time usage.