How to store Emergency Led Driver Battery Backup Kits led emergency light battery pack?

How to store Emergency Led Driver Battery Backup Kits led emergency light battery pack
I believe many people have encountered this problem,

Method 1: If stored longer than 3 months in the warehouse, an emergency battery is needed to be charged and discharged every 3 months.
Internal Li-ion battery, compatible with dimming or non-dimming led luminaire, external installation, emergency supply will be standing and charging by when AC grid electricity supply in normal, will be going to self-maintenance when fully charged, according to longer the battery’s lifespan

This is a LED emergency drive battery kit with a dimming function to solve the emergency needs of lighting, suitable for LED lamps with external drivers, also suitable for all power failure emergency lighting products, and LED dimming lamps, if you are Find panel lights, downlights, lighting emergency drive kits, click here

20W-150w LED emergency converter kits specifications:
1. Emergency Power : 6W 8W 10W 12W 15W 18W options
2. Lighting fixture Power: 20W-150w
3. Conversion Efficiency: ≥95%
4. Battery Type: Li-ion battery inside
5. Emergency duration time: 1.5 hour
6. Input Voltage: AC100-347V
7. Output Voltage: DC170V p.s connect to constant current driver’s input directly
8. Charging Time: 24 hours
9. Product Weight: The user says ok
10. Working Lifetime(Hour)30000
11. 5 years warranty for power supply, 2 years warranty for battery
12. Best quality and factory price
13. Driver size: L345*W45*H28mm

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