New consultation for lighting emergency light battery industry

Over the past several years, a variety of lighting trends have combined to impact the school and higher education lighting retrofit market. One example is the plummeting cost of LED lighting products. LED tube lamps, also known as LEDs, have seen dramatic price reductions from $10-$20 per tube (manufacturer price) in 2018, down to some LEDs under $4 per lamp (manufacturer price), only 4 years later. LED tubes are now similar in cost to the fluorescent tubes that they’re replacing.

As a result, many schools are now seeing a return on investment (ROI) for lighting retrofits of under one year, especially where utility rebates are applied. indoor LED retrofit products, “The cost reduction of LED tubes to the pricing of fluorescent tubes has created a big increase in school retrofit projects for us across the U.S.Schools also are becoming much more aware of the impact of light color and quality on student performance, and want to upgrade not just from fluorescent to LED, but also improve the color and CRI of their lighting, to give the students every advantage in class.”

This is an energy-saving solution of LED emergency battery backup for LED Emergency Light with external driver, and also for all dimmable lighting products can apply with emergency power-down function, as well as Led Light, If you are looking for an LED Emergency Driver Power kit for LED Panel light, downlight series

20W-300w LED emergency battery backup Kit specifications:
1. Emergency Power : 15W 20W 25W 30W 40W options
2. Lighting fixture Power: 20W-300w
3. Conversion Efficiency: ≥95%
4. Battery Type: Li-ion battery inside
5. Emergency duration time: 1.5 hour
6. Input Voltage: AC100-347V
7. Output Voltage: DC170V p.s connect to constant current driver’s input directly
8. Charging Time: 24 hours
9. Product Weight: The user says ok
10. Working Lifetime(Hour)30000
11. 5 years warranty for power supply, 2 years warranty for battery
12. Best quality and factory price

LED emergency driver Features

Built-in multi-cell batteries, neat looking and convenient for use.
Self-test function (3 months).
Metallic case,comply EMC,FCC,C-tick IP standard:IP40
Automatically turns on LED lighting when there is a main power failure.
The LED emergency driver battery backup with overcharge and discharge protection, output short protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection
With indicator: Red=Charging.
Each led emergency driver is passed a 100% full power load aging test, UL Rosh certified.
Working Environment Attention